101 in 1001

I have been following the Crystal.Cattle blog for sometime now and I have always admired her 101 in 1001 goals but up until today I didn’t really think I could do it for myself. I’m not really sure what did it for me but I decided to jump in and try it out! It was surprisingly really hard to think of 101 things I realistically wanted to do in 1001 days, but it was a lot of fun, and I think I discovered a few things about myself along the way.

As I complete things on my list I will highlight them in bold and hopefully on January 1, 2015 (1001 days from today) everything will be highlighted!

Here is my list:

101 in 1001

  1. Visit 2 new countries 0/2
  2. See the Niagara Falls
  3. Visit the Maritimes
  4.  Visit 5 new states 2/5 – Nebraska & Iowa
  5. Attend the National Western Stock Show in Denver
  6. Attend the NFR in Vegas
  7. Take Liam to Disney World in Orlando
  8. Take Liam to the John Deere museum in Moline, Illinois
  9. Dip my toes in the Atlantic Ocean
  10. Take Liam to the Calgary Zoo 0/2
  11. Take Liam to Drumheller
  12. Go to a wine tasting at a vineyard
  13. Eat at 8 new restaurants 8/8
  14. Go to the West Edmonton Mall
  15. Take Liam to the Science Center
  16. Take Liam to an IMAX movie
  17. Take Liam to an actual movie in a theater
  18.  Take Liam to an NHL hockey game
  19. Visit 6 new ranches 0/6
  20. Attend Sandy Puc’s In Studio workshop in Littleton, Colorado
  21. Get an accreditation through the PPOC (Professional Photographers of Canada)
  22. Attend the PPOC-SK convention
  23. Join the PPA (Professional Photographers of America)
  24. Read 8 new photography books 8/8
  25. Take a videography workshop or class
  26. Get a library card and take a book out of the library
  27. Read 20 books besides photography ones – 20/20 – I’m way, way over this!
  28. Represent Saskatchewan at the Canadian Dominion Curling Championships
  29. Have another baby
  30. Purchase a fifth wheel trailer
  31. Go camping for 1 week
  32. Learn  how to make jewelry
  33. Learn how to use the sewing machine
  34. Finish scrapbooking Liam’s first album
  35. Compete at the SBRA (Sask. Barrel Racing Finals)
  36. Get a kids horse for Liam
  37. Buy a barrel horse prospect
  38. Get hypnotized
  39. Photograph the Northern Lights
  40. Write a will
  41. Write a letter to myself to open in 10 years
  42. Have a weekly family movie night for 4 weeks in a row
  43. Send pictures of Liam to his grand parents & great grandparents 0/10
  44. Hire someone to clean my house once a week
  45. Take downhill skiing lessons
  46. Follow my healthy eating plan for 3 months
  47. See the doctor about my migraines
  48. Get my last wisdom tooth removed
  49. Get orthotics to help my posture
  50. Go to a spa for a day
  51. Save three months worth of income
  52. Open separate bank accounts for photography/ranch/personal
  53. Purchase a Nikon D800
  54. Own a 70-200mm 2.8 lens
  55. Purchase a set of continuous studio lights and soft boxes
  56. Purchase a set of studio strobe lights
  57. Get a projector and do a sales session with it
  58. Open a photography studio
  59. Get a new computer
  60. Make $100,000 in one year with my photography
  61. Show cattle at Agribition again
  62. Grow our cattle herd to 60 head
  63. Get a logo designed for the ranch
  64. Put up a farm sign
  65. Purchase some land
  66. Sell a bull for $10,000
  67. Purchase an SUV
  68. Visit a financial planner about investment
  69. Grow and harvest a garden
  70. Plant a tree that survives the winter
  71. Create a patio area in the backyard
  72. Plant 8 new perennials in my flowerbed
  73. Start my own seedlings
  74. Have all the rooms in the house functional
  75. Put up a fence around the yard
  76. Start a compost and keep it up for 4 weeks in a row
  77. Set up a recycling area and recycle for 4 weeks in a row
  78. Get a fish tank and get some fish
  79. Paint and decorate Liam’s bedroom
  80. Get Liam a real bed
  81. Get a king size bed for our room
  82. Put up an outdoor play-set for Liam
  83. Organize and file all the paper in the house
  84. Clean up the entire barnyard
  85. Build a new corral system in the barnyard
  86. Send out  Thank-You cards (not including ones for my photography) 0/8
  87. Sponsor a fundraising event for our community
  88. Donate clothes 0/3
  89. Send someone flowers 0/3
  90. Invite a friend for “coffee” 0/10
  91. Attend an industry conference/seminar 0/4
  92. Host a photowalk – even better, I started a photography club!
  93. Teach a photography for beginners workshop 0/8
  94. Go on a “girlfriends” weekend trip
  95. Update my blog everyday for 30 days
  96. Start a Facebook page for the ranch
  97. Get a new website designed for the ranch
  98. Makeover my blog
  99. Get a new website designed for my photography
  100. Update my photography Facebook page everyday for 30 days
  101. When I am finished this list, start another 101 in 1001

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